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Village Voice - Volume 22, Issue 3

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 21st, All School Meeting at the Village School! (Please mark your calendars for this!)

  • 5:00-5:55 - 3rd, 4th, 5th grade meetings, held in each classroom

  • 6:00-6:45 - All School Meeting for parents of all grade levels, held in the Commons

  • 6:45-7:45 - 6th, 7th, 8th grade meetings, held in each classroom

Wednesday, September 28th, 5:30pm Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 12th, 5:30pm Parent Council Meeting (Zoom)


Administrator's Message

Greetings Village School Community,

Well, we’ve got a full week under our belts. The dust is starting to settle and the gears are all moving in the right directions. A huge thank you to everyone in the community, and especially to all the VS teachers and support staff, for making our first week so successful!

Back to School Night this Week: All parents are invited to attend Back to School Night on September 21st. We will be splitting the evening up into different parts to suit more family's schedules. Grades 3-8 will be holding parent/teacher meetings as well, and we will be holding our All School Meeting, all on the same night. Grades 3-5 will have their parent/teacher meetings from 5-5:55 pm. Then everyone will gather up in the Commons from 6-6:40 to download a load of information with regards to the “nuts and bolts” of the Village School-how to, what to expect, and Q&A will all be a part of this important meeting. Then, from 6:45-7:30, grades 6-8 will be holding their parent/teacher meeting. Please make sure to attend this important evening!

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee News

Next, our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee will be hosting a FANTASTIC speaker, Mr. Dion C. Jordan, for the first of four workshops in centering equity, inclusion, and racial justice on September 6th, from 6-7:30 pm. Dion C. Jordan is an experienced facilitator, who has worked with schools and institutions to help dismantle the systems of oppression and help foster a sense of trust, safety and belonging. He has named this event ““The Awakening Stage” and it will be centered around introductions and trust-building, “Rules of Engagement: How to have difficult conversations around race and what to do when the conversation goes wrong,” and, learning how to be comfortable being uncomfortable talking about race. This will be an RSVP only event and each of the four evening workshops builds on the last, so we’re hoping folks will commit to attending all four workshops. Keep your eye out for more information!

Thank you, once again, to this fantastic community for everything you’ve done and are doing to keep our school running smoothly!

Reminders from Admin

  • The Free and Reduced meal application. Actually this can be done online:

This application requires your student's 4J district ID#, and which we emailed to everyone. We need all families to return this form. The number of families that qualify under the federal income threshold is keyed directly to the amount of funding we receive to retain Title I staff. They are indispensable in providing reading and math support and are part of our cadre of caring educators on campus. Please fill out this application, even if you think you don’t qualify. If you do not qualify for free meals, payments can be made in the office or at

  • Volunteer & Parent Support Survey – We want to know your interests! Lending a hand will be different this year: ALL are welcome to volunteer. Please fill out a volunteer packet, and turn in your proof of vaccination or a vaccine exemption form in the office prior to volunteering.

  • Supply Fee -- The supply fee is important to help provide the unique materials our students use in their school work.

  • After School Education Program -- Please click the following link to register


All School Meeting


Back-To-School Night is Wednesday, September 21

**Please pay special attention to the times for different meetings**

The schedule is as follows:

5:00-5:55 - 3rd, 4th, 5th grade meetings, held in each classroom

6:00-6:45 - All School Meeting for parents of all grade levels, held in the Commons

6:45-7:45 - 6th, 7th, 8th grade meetings, held in each classroom

**Childcare is provided starting at 5:00 for children in grades K-5**


Title I Reading and Math Services, 2022-23

Every fall, winter and spring, our Title staff administer reading and math assessments (EasyCBM) to each of our students. If a student scores below the 30th percentile, she/he may be recommended by our team to receive instructional interventions in reading and/or math with their progress being monitored. At The Village School, all students receive up to 90 minutes of language arts and 60 minutes of math instruction each day. If your child will be receiving additional reading or math instruction, his or her classroom teacher or the Title I Coordinator will notify you.


Free Covid Testing

You can still sign up for Free Opt-in Testing through U of O and OHA!

The Village School has joined other schools in a program that makes weekly testing available to our students! U of O has partnered with Oregon Health Authority to provide free, voluntary COVID-19 testing kits to children attending participating K-12 schools.

Use the link below to opt-in:




Revised Health and Safety Guidelines

September 19, 2022

Revised quarantine and isolation guidelines for Village School

  1. If a STUDENT, STAFF or VOLUNTEER tests positive for COVID: Isolate for at least 5 days. May return to school as early as day 6 with 2 consecutive negative tests, at least 24 hours apart. The second test must be taken on campus prior to going to class or work. Symptoms must be resolved, and student or staff must be fever-free for 24 hours without medication. Wearing a mask is strongly recommended until day 11. Or, isolate for 10 days and return to school or work on day 11 without testing, if symptoms are resolved and fever-free for 24 hours without medication.

  2. If a STUDENT, STAFF or VOLUNTEER is exposed to Covid outside of the home regardless of vaccination status: Advise family to watch for symptoms. Strongly recommend that student or staff member masks for 10 days after exposure and test for COVID 5-7 days after exposure.

  3. If a STUDENT, STAFF or VOLUNTEER is exposed to Covid within the household, regardless of vaccination status: The exposed student or staff member quarantines during the first 5 days of the infected family member. Return to school/work on day 6 if symptom free. Required rapid testing at school on days 6 through 10. Strongly recommend that the student or staff member wear a mask on days 6 through 10.

Please take a look at the following poster to see what our school guidelines are for keeping sick students at home:


Air Quality

Responding to unhealthy AQI

In the classroom

At any time a teacher can decide to close the classroom doors and windows and turn their purifiers on the high setting. Classrooms with a full class of students, need 3 purifiers on high or "allergen" setting, or 2 purifiers on ‘Turbo’ / Maximum speed. Middle school rooms need 2 purifiers on Turbo / Maximum, with the annex door closed (or a 3rd purifier in the annex).

If the AQI registers ≥150, teachers are required to close all doors and windows, and turn on the purifiers.

During morning and lunch recess

If AQI is ≥100 recess should occur indoors or outdoor activities should not involve running/exerting oneself.

If AQI is ≥150 recess will occur indoors

An announcement will be made to staff when our Purple Air device records ≥100 and again ≥150.


Village School Guests & Volunteer Vaccination Protocol

Fall 2022

This year, everyone is welcome and encouraged to volunteer on campus, regardless of vaccination status.

Our health and safety policy for volunteers is as follows:

  1. Volunteers who are vaccinated against Covid-19 must have a copy of their vaccination card on file in the office.

  2. Volunteers who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 must fill out an exemption available in the office or here: MEDICAL exemption form or RELIGIOUS exemption form.

  3. Volunteer protocol must be followed for all school organized activities, including any off-campus field trips that are planned and sponsored by the school.



As we work toward reuniting our Village School community, more opportunities to volunteer are coming up! Be sure to watch your email, the Village Voice and the Village Vine for messages from Parent Council, your class coordinator, your child's teacher and the Village School Kitchen, to see the volunteer needs that are coming up for you to enjoy.

One of the ways to contribute to our school community is by attending Parent Council Meetings! Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 12th at 5:30 PM. We are still holding these meetings by Zoom so they are easy to attend (even while making dinner or folding laundry) and every parent and guardian's voice is valued in decisions about what Parent Council funds are used for, events that are held and collaborations with departments and teachers at the Village School!

Don't forget to sign in to HelpCounter and report your hours so we can see the amazing contributions from our Village School Families


How to keep children safe during

Drop off and pick up at

The Village School

*We require students in grades K-3 to be walked to their classroom door by a parent or guardian. Parking is available on 35th ave, Glen Oak Dr, Knob Hill Ln, and Donald St.

If you’d like to drop off your 4th-8th grade student please follow these guidelines:

1. Approach the school from Donald Street. This reduces two way traffic on 35th Ave.

2. Use Drop-Off zone for Drop off only. (At the curb near the stairs leading to the school)

3. Always park in the correct direction and on the correct side of the street.

4. Do not park on the wrong side of the street. Do not stop cars in the middle of the street.

5. Have children exit on Curb side of car, not the street side

6. Please say your “goodbyes” before you stop and avoid lingering


The Village Kitchen

Greetings from The Village School Kitchen!

I have been enjoying the last few days of summer with warm breezes coming through our open windows, local produce filling our lunch trays and bouquets of zinnias and sunflowers upon our service counter. On my morning walk to school I watch the sunrise knowing soon it will be dark when I turn the oven on to preheat for our Monday morning breakfast muffins. Local farmers markets are bountiful with late summer crops. We encourage you to stop by the Tuesday or Saturday Farmers Markets in downtown Eugene or the Thursday Farmers Market at Amazon Community Center.

This past week we welcomed our first student helpers into the kitchen. Every afternoon a small group of students visits us for 30-45 minutes at the end of the day. They contribute to, and learn from, our school's unique food service program. On Thursday, Oli, Sagan and Kai from the fourth grade helped put clean silverware away, took floor mats out and created the menu board for Friday's lunch.

We are blessed to have so many returning kitchen volunteers this year and a few new ones too! There are still a few volunteer spots left open that we'd love to fill soon. Don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested in learning more about joining our fun group of kitchen volunteers.


Toña Aguilar


September Breakfast and Lunch Menus are now available to view!


Free and Reduced Lunch

Please Check and See If You Qualify!

The new free and reduced lunch income requirements have been significantly expanded so please apply, even if you think you may not qualify!

If you have not yet done so, take a moment to complete the Free and Reduced Lunch Application. Our school’s Title I funding is based on the number of qualified households we have, so it is crucial that everyone see if they qualify. If you do not qualify for free meals, payments can be made in the office or at

If you qualify via direct certification (ie, food stamps), you should have received a letter confirming eligibility for free meals. Please let us know if you have not received this letter.

Contact Tristin in the office for details at


Library News

It's been a very busy start to the school year in the library, where I've been working on moving and reorganizing all the books on our new shelves. I'm very excited to welcome classes back to the library this week. I am also going to be in the library for a short time after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until about 3:05. Students and families are welcome to pop in at that time to browse and check out books. Kindergarteners do not check out books during their class time, but families are welcome to check out books after school.

Here are some important library guidelines for students and families:

  • Library Responsibility Agreement: Students must agree to be responsible for the books they check out. They should be kept in a safe place and returned when due. If book(s) are lost or damaged, they must cover the cost of replacement. I highly encourage families to know their student(s)' class library day and check in with them about the books they check out. It is especially helpful for younger children to be reminded the day before their class library day to return their book(s). Also, please check your library books carefully before returning them to the Eugene Public Library- many of our books get returned there by mistake!

  • Student Book Choice: The Village School library adheres to the Oregon Association of School Libraries' guidance on intellectual freedom, also known as "freedom to read." The library has a wide range of books that appeal to different ages and interests, including early readers, picture books, graphic novels, chapter books, nonfiction, and teen fiction (YA). Student choice in book selection is honored with the understanding that parents reserve the final decision on what their child is reading. (An exception is YA, see below). Students are always welcome to return books that aren't the right fit and pick out something else.

  • The Village School library's YA policy: As a school that serves middle school students, the library includes books that are geared towards ages 12-18 and labeled as "young adult" (YA). YA books often have more mature themes, such as romance, violence, or mature language. These books are in a separate section and are restricted to students in 5th through 8th grade. Younger students can check out these books with a parent or guardian's permission, either with a written note or email, or in person after school.

  • Book donations: Sometimes families have books they would like to donate to the library. Please contact me before dropping off books so I can determine if they are an appropriate fit for the library's collection.

  • Volunteering: I am seeking 1-2 volunteers who can come in 1-2 hours weekly and put books away. The times and days can be flexible. Please contact me or Chrissy in the office if you are interested.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the library! Molly Bautista, VS Librarian


Student Helpers

We've started welcoming student helpers back to the Office. The students are always excited to help! This week, 5th graders Kellen and Marie assisted us with our recycling.


Parent Council

Thank you to all who joined us for our first meeting of the year!

The next Parent Council Meeting will be on October 12th at 5:30pm!

Please join us and send questions and ideas to

The notes from past meetings can be found here.

Every Village School parent and guardian is a part of Parent Council - The Virtual Parent Council Meetings are open to all parents and guardians on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

You can also engage with Village School families on the Parent Council Facebook page, The Village Vine!


Help Wanted

Substitute Teacher & Substitute Educational Assistant

Duties: Serve as substitute teacher or substitute classroom assistant.

Qualifications: Experience working with groups of children. Knowledge of Waldorf curriculum a plus.

Teachers require Valid Oregon Teaching License:

[Main lesson (K-8), Movement/PE, Spanish, Music, Handwork]

Instructional Assistant (BA and fingerprint background check required) Willingness to get CPR training Background check required Complete Covid vaccination records Salary Range: $24 per hour for Teachers, $15 - $18 per hour for Assistants

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Benefits include our healthy lunch service, PERS coverage.

Download DOC • 32KB

Kitchen Assistants

Duties: Serve as a part time FTE Kitchen Assistant, working 3 - 5 days per week.

Qualifications: Knowledge of basic sanitary guidelines.

Knowledge of basic dish washing machine operations.

Ability to communicate effectively with student volunteers, co-workers, and school staff.

Requires standing or walking, 100% of the time.

Occasional environmental exposures to cold, heat, water.

Must be able to transport 35 pounds regularly and up to 50 pounds on occasion.

Requires a current Oregon Food Handler's card and a current finger print based, Background Check.

Wage: $15 per hour

Schedule: 10 - 15 hours per week from Monday - Friday, 164 days per year from Sept - June.

Contracted Nurse for Diabetes Care

The Village School is hoping to contract with a nurse agency for lunchtime diabetes support. Please call (541) 345-7285 for more information.


LTD Passes Available!

The Village School has worked with 4j and LTD to make touchpasses available to Village School students!

Fill out the form below to sign up and provide permission for your Village School student to have a card. Then come into the office to have a card assigned to your child!

If you have a child that does not attend Village School, please contact their school to see if they have touchpasses available for students. We are only able to provide passes to Village School Students.

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