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Annual Giving Campaign 2023-24:
Improve The Village School Playground

This year’s annual giving campaign aims to enhance our playground with a new pyramid climber. A pyramid climber has strong appeal to students of all ages. In parks where these are installed, we’ve seen children spend most of the their time on them. 

We are hoping to raise $20,000 for this campaign. The Village School and Village School Foundation will help fund any costs that go beyond this level. The proposed changes will bring more excitement and fun for students on the playground. We hope you will join us in our efforts to provide new playground equipment at The Village School.

Please note that other improvements to the playground are also under consideration including expansion and upgrades to the asphalt playing area, a ramp allowing ADA access to the playground, climbing features by the sand play area, a dry creek bed, and more. If you would like to know more about or help support any of these improvements, please let us know.


Why improve the The Village School’s Playground Facilities?

Most students will probably agree that the Village School playground has some nice play amenities, but could benefit from major improvements. Our goal for this project is to improve the overall experience on the playground. 

How Funds Will Be Used

Funds will be used to purchase and deliver the new equipment, prepare the space and install equipment. The pyramid climber will require expanding the footprint (light green area) of the woodchip playing area.  We hope to complete the fundraising by February. If funds are collected, we hope to install over the summer.




Importance of 100% Participation
The Village School has implemented many major capital projects to improve our site in recent years with pandemic funds. With the expenditure of the last of our pandemic funds this year, we will need more support from families to continue improvements to our site. This is a great opportunity to help your children’s school.

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