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Annual Giving Campaign 2022-23:
Improve Theater Facilities at The Village School

Our Commons has been the focal point of many school gatherings. This year’s campaign aims to enhance our theater experience with improved lighting, sound gathering and mixing, video projection, seating and window blinds. From hereon, everyone attending school plays will be able to hear the students’ voices and see the actors with improved lights. The new blinds will allow presentations with video projection any time of day. The larger screen will be visible to everyone in the Commons, and will also create capacity for family movie nights. 

We are hoping to raise $20,000 in this campaign. In view of our commitment to music and the performing arts, the proposed changes will greatly improve the experience in our theater. We hope you will join us in our efforts to Improve Theater Facilities at The Village School.

Why improve the The Village School’s Theater Facilities?

Much work has been done to improve the Commons during the pandemic, including new windows, insulation, paint, and the removal of old wall mounted tables. Our goal for this project is to improve the overall experience for musical performances, plays, presentations, and events. 


How The Funds Will Be Used

Funds will pay for wireless microphones for actors and presenters, a new projector and screen, window blinds, additional spot lights, a digital sound mixer, and improved seating in the Commons. Costs will also include installation and electrical upgrade expenses. We hope to complete the fundraising by February. Unlike other annual giving campaign projects, the time frame for implementation is much shorter. We don’t have to produce drawings, get permits, do site planning, secure other grants, or launch a contractor bidding process. We can just buy and install the new equipment, and start appreciating the improved experience. 


Importance of 100% Participation

The Village School has many major capital projects in the works to improve our site (windows, courtyard, HVAC). The funding source varies, and for many current ones, we are using federal pandemic funds. The total cost of these projects is far beyond our typical fundraising budgets. Regardless, the Annual Giving Campaign offers an opportunity for all families to contribute to improvements to our site.

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