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It is very important to notify the office of absences as soon as possible. Notifying the office at 541-345-7285 before 9:00am is greatly appreciated. Unexcused tardies and absences will result in a computer-generated phone call and email to inform student's parents/guardians. If you receive a call or email and your child was absent, please call or email and excuse the absence with office staff. There is no need to call the office regarding tardies, unless you are excusing the tardy based on family emergency, transportation problems, or medical reasons. Tardies due to oversleeping, running late, lost keys, etc. are considered unexcused and will result in an automatic call and email, even if you have signed your student in at the front desk.  This notification is for your information. 


If you are concerned about a notification that you have received, feel free to contact the office at 541-345-7285

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