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HVAC Upgrades for Village School Foundation

Updated: May 20

Issuance Date: April 23rd 2024

Voluntary Pre-proposal visits: Please contact

Proposal Due Date &Time: Friday May 24th, 2024 at 6:00 PM PST. If additional time is needed to submit a bid, please contact

This is a non-public works job and does not require BOLI / prevailing wage compliance.

The Village School Foundation is releasing an invitation to bid on upgrading HVAC systems for its 3411 Willamette St Site. Separate bids are requested for (2) projects:

  1. Heat Pump Installation

  2. Heat Recovery Ventilators and Ventilation Installation

We will accept bids for either project or both.

Heat Pump - Major Equipment List

Would you like to receive addenda and announcements for this procurement?

Please email and share your contact info.

Changes since original May 2022 Bid Process conducted by The Village School.

  • The original bids were intended to be funded with Federal Pandemic Grants which called for public bidding, public works, and prevailing wage requirements. However, seeing as these funds were spent on other projects, the bid requirements have changed. The Village School Foundation, a nongovernmental nonprofit, owns the building and is conducting this bid so none of the public entity requirements apply to this project.

  • The prior bid included a large gas fired heater on the roof of the gym and twin exhaust fans. This has been replaced with (2) 48KW heat pumps and (2) HRV's, which do not require installation on the roof of the gym.

  • The prior bid called for heating several classrooms (206, 207, 208) and the computer lab (130) with two air handlers per room. This has been changed to single air handlers per room.

  • The prior bid included Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Pumps. For this bid, Hyper Heat models are no longer requested.

  • The prior bid separated the bid into 3 major zones. This bid combines all of the areas into a single bid. The bid asks for separate bids for the Heat Pump Installations and HRV/Ventilation installations.

  • The lower office area calls for a ducted system. We will accept alternative, ductless, options for this approach.

  • With EWEB's help, the Village School Foundation has recently upgraded its power system.

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