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Solar Power Upgrade

Issuance Date: April 18, 2024

Intended Proposal Due Date &Time: May 17th, 2024 ( - Please let us know if more time is needed to complete proposals.

3411 Willamette St

Eugene OR 97405

The Village School Foundation seeks to install 27KW of solar power and 20KWH of power storage. This project coincides with the recent completion of a power upgrade. The Village School Foundation owns the site and is not a public agency, so this is not a public works job and is not subject to prevailing wage rates.

Install 27KW of Solar Power

Location South Facing Roof of Commons / Cafeteria

Install 20 KHW of Power Storage


Please itemize the cost of the Solar Power and Power storage separately.

Would you like to receive addenda and announcements for this procurement?

Please email and share your contact info.

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