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Security Fence and Gate Upgrade

Updated: May 3

Issuance Date: Feb 29, 2024

Intended Proposal Due Date &Time: Friday May 17th ( - Please let us know if more time is needed to complete proposals.

3411 Willamette St

Eugene OR 97405

The Village School Foundation seeks to upgrade its fencing and gates around its facility.

Upgrade Fencing Along 35th Ave.

Fence Specifications

-          9.5 gauge or better chain link materials

-          Galvanized or black fencing material

-          6’ High

-          Posts and post depths to meet industry standard

Fencing along 35th Avenue:

-          Approximately 570 feet of new fencing 6’ high

-          Remove existing 42” fencing.

Miscellaneous other fencing

-          Approximately 75 additional feet to fence in 2 other vehicle access gates

Install Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates and Controls

All gates: 6 feet high

Gate 1 and 7

-          Gate 1: 16 foot sliding gate

-          Gate 7: 14 foot swinging gate (single or split)

-          Keypad entry. Exit via vehicle sensor

-          Allows for scheduled open and close times

Gates 2, 4, & 6

-          4 foot wide pedestrian gate

-          Panic bar

-          Keyed entry

Gate 3

-          12 foot sliding gate

-          Keypad entry. Exit via vehicle sensor

-          Access control from office to facilitate remote entry authorization.

-          Allows for scheduled open and close times

Gate 5

-          Double 4 foot pedestrian gates with center bar.

-          Panic bars

-          Keypad entry to open one gate, access control to facilitate remote entry authorization and scheduled locked and unlocked times

Please itemize costs for Fencing separate from Gates/Controls.

Click here for PDF Version of Map

Click here for PDF Version of Map

Would you like to receive addenda and announcements for this procurement?

Please email and share your contact info.

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