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Village Voice - Volume 22, Issue 15

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, December 13th, 5:30pm Parent Council Meeting Zoom

  • Friday December 16th - Tuesday January 3rd, Winter Break


Administrator's Message

Greetings Village School Community!!

The sun is now traveling its shortest path through the sky, leaving the nights longer and longer and hours of light are scant. The smell of wood smoke, dust and rain meet us each time the door is cracked open. Winter is ninety nine percent upon us!

Last week’s Winter Concert was amazing. Our heart’s burst open every year, watching all the grades perform, little and big, and this year was no different. It’s so awesome to see the way our students carry themselves on stage, despite nerves and bright lights, to show the community what they’ve been working on. Our music teachers are doing such a great job! Thanks to all who helped put on the show. It was amazing.

This week we say goodbye to Nolan Ebner, our aftercare provider and recess supervisor. We were lucky to have him these past months! He’s been so great with the students and we will miss him. He is preparing to hike the Appalachian Trail, so send him some well wishes if you see him around these next couple of days! Stepping into Nolan’s shoes is Blaise Stewart, a Village School alumnus. She’s already been doing great work shadowing on the job and we are SUPER excited to have her!

We wish you the warmest soups, the softest blankets, the loudest laughs, the coziest nights, and the VERY BEST of winter break!

Roz, Shannon, and Andy


Rules for a Safe Morning Drop Off

Please do not park in the lower North lot when dropping students off in the morning. This lot is for faculty only.

Parking is available on 35th Ave, Glen Oak Dr, Knob Hill Ln, and Donald St.

*We require students in grades K-3 to be walked to their classroom door by a parent or guardian.

If you’d like to drop off your 4th-8th grade student please follow these guidelines:

1. Approach the school from Donald Street. This reduces two way traffic on 35th Ave.

2. Use Drop-Off zone for Drop off only. (At the curb near the stairs leading to the school)

3. Always park in the correct direction and on the correct side of the street.

4. Do not park on the wrong side of the street. Do not stop cars in the middle of the street.

5. Have children exit on Curb side of car, not the street side

6. Please say your “goodbyes” before you stop and avoid lingering


Winter Concert

We had our first in-person winter concert in three years, and it was full of joy. Our music teachers and main lesson teachers prepared a wonderful show! Our 8th grade teacher, Jesse was our fantastic emcee. Andy, Shannon, and Roz were presented their new t-shirts designed by the winning classes of the Walkathon. The students performed beautifully, showcasing their many hours of hard work, and the crowd went wild! In addition to the photos below, you can click her to see videos of the performances

Here is the link to where you can watch the videos!


Annual Giving Campaign

Improve Theater Facilities at The Village School

Our Commons has been the focal point of many school gatherings. This year’s campaign aims to enhance our theater experience with improved lighting, sound gathering and mixing, video projection, seating and window blinds. From hereon, everyone attending school plays will be able to hear the students’ voices and see the actors with improved lights. The new blinds will allow presentations with video projection any time of day. The larger screen will be visible to everyone in the Commons, and will also create capacity for family movie nights.

We are hoping to raise $20,000 in this campaign. In view of our commitment to music and the performing arts, the proposed changes will greatly improve the experience in our theater. We hope you will join us in our efforts to Improve Theater Facilities at The Village School.

Donations may be made in the office or at ANNUALGIVING.US

Health and Safety

The following recommendation comes from the Oregon Health Authority: "The combination of surging flu, RSV and COVID-19 cases is pushing hospitals past their ICU adult and pediatric bed capacity. That’s why we—and our several doctors—today urged everyone to wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces".

School Directory

The Village School Directory is ready and available! Please stop by the office if you would like a copy.


Winter Weather

As we get into the colder weather, here is some information on how Village School will let families know about closures or delays.

When hazardous weather is a concern, decisions regarding schedule changes are made in the early morning, before school, when current weather conditions can be assessed. Village School follows the district (4J) when making decisions, although there may be instances where we will declare a closure, even if 4J does not.

How To Find Out: If there is a change in the school schedule, it will be announced through our school phone message system, normally before 6:30 a.m.

Delayed Starts and Early Dismissal: The district generally will avoid delayed starts and early dismissal due to weather. However, it is possible that unpredictable or sudden weather conditions will require such a decision to be made. Delayed start times will not alter school dismissal times.

Parent Choice: On any day when inclement weather is a concern and school is in session, families are encouraged to consider road conditions in their areas and make their own decisions based on safety. Please call your school if your child will be absent. Parents’ individual decisions about school attendance for this reason will be honored.

If you are concerned about the weather and have not received a phone call by 6:30 a.m., check the 4J website, radio or TV for information about closures, delays or snow routes.


Handwork Raffle

Congratulations to all the winners of the handwork raffle!

Thank you so much for your contributions to the Handwork program, it will help us be able to afford better quality materials and tools for our students to use.

The Handwork team.


8th Grade Play

The 8th graders will be performing "A Midsummer Night's Dream" on

Tuesday, December 13th at 7:00pm &

Wednesday, December 14th at 9:00am


Library News

Check out the Book lists for the Battle of the Books!


Enrichment Classes

The Village School

After School Enrichment Program

Winter Session 2023 (January 9 - March 17)

Dear Village School Families,

We are pleased to announce that the Village School will be offering the second 10 week session of complimentary after-school enrichment classes beginning the week of January 9 through March 17 for grades 3 - 8. Class size is limited so please fill out the registration form as soon as possible to ensure a position. Registration forms are due no later than December 20. Please click the following link and fill out one form for each Village School child in your family that is interested in attending the After School Enrichment Program.

Please contact Rachel Burk-Bayer if you are unable to access the form on-line.

Enrichment classes offered: (Note that some class times have changed.)

  • Mindful Journaling Club / Mercedes Cervantes - Grades 4-6, Thursdays, 3:05 - 4:05 (Library) Join Ms. Mercedes (recess duty at the Village School) to find your inner power through an expressive language! Students will learn how to describe emotions through words of generations and cultures. Literature and poetry have been with the English language for hundreds of years, influenced by the world outside and inside of ourselves. Students can have as much privacy or retrospect as they desire. Through collage, origami, beading, their journals can be just as wild and beautiful as they are. Some activities will be: Word of the day, and/or Poem/mantra of the day. Creating characters and developing short stories that help discover our true inner beings. Art projects that contribute to a vision board. Daily journal keeping. Many other fun projects. Learn how to speak your truth in the Mindful Journal Club!

  • Ceramics / Donica Beath-Bigongiari - Grades 3- 8, Tuesdays 3 & 4, Thursdays 5 & 6, Wednesdays 7 & 8, select one day only. 3:05 - 4:30 (Spanish Room)

In the Ceramics class students will explore hand building techniques such as pinch, coil, and slab; as well as using wooden, plaster, or paper moulds, and Sgraffito. Students will have the opportunity to make pots, cups, tiles, shakers, monsters, and sculpture.

  • Bookbinding - Printmaking / Frederique Chateau - Grades 5 - 8, Wednesdays, 3:15- 4:45 (6th grade class) Get ready to make fabulous one of a kind prints and showcase them into your own handmade books! This creative class will introduce students to several forms of printmaking, including carving and reduction techniques for block printing, stamping using found objects and recyclables, and cyanotype printing. Using traditional bookbinding techniques, the students will then design and stitch their own journal and make an accordion fold book to showcase their prints. Each class will offer a journey for the artists to experiment with new techniques and materials, explore the various elements of art and composition, and cultivate their artistic expression.

Frédérique Château is a fine artist and art instructor specializing in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. She has been teaching art classes for children and teens in Eugene and Cottage Grove, and is currently an art teacher for the middle school grades at the Village School.

  • ART Seeing, Feeling and Reimagining/ Frederique Chateau - Grades 1 & 2, Thursdays 3:15- 4:45 (6th grade class) This 10-week workshop offers a journey for students to cultivate their unique artistic expression through new ways of seeing and expressing the world around them. The young artists will explore the building blocks of art (shapes, lines, colors, values and textures) and a variety of techniques using different art mediums such as paint, pastels, pencils and paper collage. The beginning of class will include a quick art history introduction of a famous artist or art movement and their work. We will also have a chance to explore seasonal themes as a source of inspiration. Art can get messy and students are encouraged to dress appropriately.

  • Marimba: Taught by Chris Halaska. Enrollment is by invitation only. If you are invited to participate and would like to join please fill out the registration form.

  • Bricks, Machines, and Computers/ Dan Cordova - Grades 3 - 5, Thursdays, 3:05 - 4:20 (Basement/Computer Lab) Motivated participants in Bricks, Machines and Computers will ground their ideas, push back on limits and invent machines using the power of Lego Mindstorms and the creativity that is grown in a collaborative environment. Participants will practice listening to peers and sharing resources and ideas constructively.

  • Fun With Music / Jennifer Sellers - Grades 3 & 4, Fridays, 3:05 - 4:05 (Music Room) Join Ms Sellers after school on Friday to explore rhythm, movement and melody in our new “Fun with Music” offering! We will play an assortment of instruments, sing and dance and learn!

Important Information:

  1. Please fill out an enrollment form for all Village School students in your family that want to participate in the After School Enrichment Program. Registration deadline is December 20.

  2. Class size is limited and may be subject to lottery. Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

  3. We will notify you prior to the first class meeting whether your child has been accepted into the desired class(es), or placed on the waitlist, through email, or text message provided on the registration form. Please respond when you receive the notification to confirm your child’s enrollment.

  4. We require commitment to active participation. Attendance is required. More than two absences may result in removal from the class.

  5. Programs are funded by grants from the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Community Foundation’s Chintimini Fund.

Follow this link for a schedule: ASEP Winter Schedule 2023


The registration form has a box for questions; however, feel free to direct questions to Rachel Burk-Bayer at, or call or text (805) 975-7778.


Art Enrichment Classes

These stunning charcoal drawings are the latest project that middle schoolers have been working on in their art enrichment classes with Frédérique Château.


4th Grade Field Trip

The 4th graders concluded their Salmon studies block by going on a salmon release field trip to Alton Baker park. They loved watching over the salmon in their classroom, and were able to see them off to start their new lives in the Willamette River!


The Village Kitchen

This week we will be serving Rainbow Carrots from Upriver Organics!

These beautiful carrots come in shades of pale yellow to deep purple. Students will be learning about the health benefits of including carrots in their diet as well as some of the interesting growing and storage facts which allow us to enjoy carrots for such a long season here in the Willamette Valley. Children will have the opportunity to try each variety and identify their favorite.

6th grade students Lani and Josey created this poster featuring rainbow carrots.

Upriver Organics is located up the McKenzie River at 44382 McKenzie Hwy. We have partnered with them for many years serving various fruits and vegetables from their well established farm. Upriver has a stand at the Lane County Farmers Market located in downtown Eugene on the corner of 8th and Oak. There is one more Farmers Market this season before it closes until the beginning of February. If you want some rainbow carrots for your whole family to enjoy, head down there this Saturday between 9:00-3:00.

Toña Aguilar

December Breakfast and Lunch Menus are now available to view below!


News from Jennifer Horn

Dear Village School Community,

Greetings from Buenos Aires! It has been five months since my son and I arrived in the capital city of Argentina. I have been busy learning Spanish, making art, connecting with the local community, and exploring neighborhoods, markets, parks, and museums. My son Finnegan is also learning Spanish and playing soccer with a club that was founded by one of Argentina’s soccer legends. Spanish is Argentina’s main language. However, Buenos Aires is very cosmopolitan and on the streets I have also heard German, English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and French. One of my favorite language discoveries is “vesre” which is where the letter order is switched around, so that ‘café’ becomes ‘feca’ and ‘baño’ is ‘ñoba’. These playful new words are commonly used between friends and some have been integrated into regular conversation. The names of many businesses also playfully mix Spanish with another language or use words with a double meaning.

Buenos Aires has many beautiful parks. Near where I live there is a large park with a lake that I like to visit several times each week. Since Buenos Aires is in a humid subtropical zone, the animal and plant species are quite different from what I was used to seeing in Oregon. There are bright green squawking parrots, cranes nesting in palm trees, and ducks with bright red bills swimming in the lake. I’ve also enjoyed visiting a botanical garden, an old zoo that was converted into a free park (still with animals) and a large ecological reserve that represents one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Many of the streets are lined with tall trees that create a canopy, blocking out the hot spring sun. Some trees are full of bright purple, sweet smelling blossoms, which unfortunately sent my poor husband into sneezing fits. We have had a couple of special adventures outside the city. One trip took us to Patagonia where we observed whales and penguins. The other trip was to Iguazu Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This is also where the Amazon Jungle ends. While walking along the trails, I saw a couple of monkeys and a coati, which is an animal similar to a raccoon. My favorite part of our trip to Iguazu Falls was taking a boat to the base of the waterfall and getting completely soaked!

Spending most of our time in one place has allowed us to settle into routines and experience daily life more like locals and less like tourists. I feel like I've become a part of the local community when the owner of a nearby produce stand says hello as I pass by, the server at the café brings me a coffee before I even place my order, and a worker at the cheese shop asks me how my birthday was. Lately we have been cheering for Argentina in the World Cup. When Argentina scores a goal, the entire city makes noise. Neighbors run out to their balconies and cheer, cars honk, and people in the plazas watching on big screens chant, sing, and blow on blue and white horns. It is very exciting!

In just a few days we will be saying goodbye to the friends we have made here in Buenos Aires and will be flying back to the states. After visiting with family in Minnesota for two weeks, we will travel to Mexico where we will spend the next six months. I miss you all and hope you have a lovely winter break!


Ms. Jennifer



Village School families are asked to contribute and record at least 40 hours of volunteer work at the school each year, and single parent households are asked to contribute 20 hours. It is this support that allows us to offer such strong programs with limited financial resources. We also welcome grandparents and other relatives to volunteer in your place!

More opportunities to volunteer are coming up! Be sure to watch your email, the Village Voice and the Village Vine for messages from Parent Council, your class coordinator, your child's teacher and the Village School Kitchen, to see the volunteer needs that are coming up for you to enjoy.

If you haven't filled out your volunteer paperwork yet, please stop by the office to pick up a packet.

Another way to contribute to our school community is by attending Parent Council Meetings! Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 13th at 5:30 PM. We are still holding these meetings by Zoom so they are easy to attend (even while making dinner or folding laundry) and every parent and guardian's voice is valued in decisions about what Parent Council funds are used for, events that are held and collaborations with departments and teachers at the Village School!

We adore our volunteers! Village School would not be what it is without you. Thank you so much for making Village School the incredible community it is!

Don't forget to sign in to HelpCounter and report your hours so we can see the amazing contributions from our Village School Families.


Parent Council

The next Parent Council Meeting will be on Tuesday, December 13th at 5:30pm!

Please join us and send questions and ideas to

The notes from past meetings can be found here.

Every Village School parent and guardian is a part of Parent Council - The Virtual Parent Council Meetings are open to all parents and guardians on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

You can also engage with Village School families on the Parent Council Facebook page, The Village Vine!


Village School Lunch Diaries

Comforting spaghetti with some chickpeas, and kiwis for a sweet side.

Stromboli is such a treat--it's lovingly prepared from the dough and beyond, and the staff and students definitely appreciate it!

Sushi Rice with Orange Tamari Tofu with plenty of roasted seaweed for wrapping. It's always extra yummy with a drizzle of tamari and toasted sesame oil, plus a pinch of green onions.

Soft tacos with quinoa, kale and pomegranate coleslaw, and the most gorgeous watermelon radishes!


Help Wanted

Substitute Teacher & Substitute Educational Assistant

Duties: Serve as substitute teacher or substitute classroom assistant.

Qualifications: Experience working with groups of children. Knowledge of Waldorf curriculum a plus.

Teachers require Valid Oregon Teaching License:

[Main lesson (K-8), Movement/PE, Spanish, Music, Handwork]

Instructional Assistant (BA and fingerprint background check required) Willingness to get CPR training Background check required Complete Covid vaccination records Salary Range: $24 per hour for Teachers, $15 - $18 per hour for Assistants

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Benefits include our healthy lunch service, PERS coverage.

Download DOC • 32KB


Free Covid Testing

You can still sign up for Free Opt-in Testing through U of O and OHA!

The Village School has joined other schools in a program that makes weekly testing available to our students! U of O has partnered with Oregon Health Authority to provide free, voluntary COVID-19 testing kits to children attending participating K-12 schools.

Use the link below to opt-in:



LTD Passes Available!

The Village School has worked with 4j and LTD to make touch passes available to Village School students!

Fill out the form below to sign up and provide permission for your Village School student to have a card. Then come into the office to have a card assigned to your child!

If you have a child that does not attend Village School, please contact their school to see if they have touchpasses available for students. We are only able to provide passes to Village School Students.

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