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Village Voice - Volume 21, Issue 28

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, March 18th: Village School Lottery, results posted on the office door!

  • Monday, March 21-Friday, April 1: No School, Spring Break

  • Monday, April 4: No School, Teacher Work Day


Administrator's Message

Dear Village School Families,

Last Friday marked the beginning of our spring break, which will run through to Monday, April 4. The hope is that students will take the time during the break to rest, get outside, enjoy family time, and come back refreshed and ready to continue their studies when they return to school on Tuesday, April 5. This time off will also give teachers and staff a bit of rest and time to restore themselves and be prepared to continue the awesome work they do for our students.

Yesterday, March 20, 8:33 AM PST there was a shared cosmic event. An astronomical event that happens simultaneously across the world but is converted into local time. The Spring equinox, aka vernal equinox, has long been celebrated as a time of renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings. It marks the first astronomical day of spring on the Gregorian calendar.

As we rejoice in Spring and find ways to renew our spirits and to care for others, let’s also give thanks to The Village School community and the shared work staff, parents, teachers and students did to make art and to fill bags with ingredients to make Bograch, the Ukrainian soup. It was a fundraiser for World Central Kitchen. All proceeds will go to the World Central Kitchen in support of their efforts to feed people that have been displaced due to the war in Ukraine.

In closing, a poem, Spring is like a perhaps hand, by e.e. cummings (1894-1962). If you are so inclined here is a lesson plan you may want to explore as you simultaneously celebrate the beauty of spring and the joys of poetry.

Spring is like a perhaps hand

(which comes carefully

out of Nowhere) arranging

a window, into which people look (while

people stare

arranging and changing placing

carefully there a strange

thing and a known thing here) and

changing everything carefully

spring is like a perhaps

Hand in a window

(carefully to

and fro moving New and

Old things, while

people stare carefully

moving a perhaps

fraction of flower here placing

an inch of air there) and

without breaking anything.

Best Regards,

Sue, Shannon, Bob and Andy


Is State Testing Happening during the Pandemic?

Yes, For the 2021–22 school year, state testing will return to normal. The Village School is required to administer annual statewide assessments of language arts and math for students in grades 3–8 and science in grades 5 and 8. Testing at The Village School will begin after April 11. You will be notified which days the test will be administered once the actual days are determined. One bit of good news is that the assessments are much shorter than they were several years ago.

All public schools in the U.S. are required to systematically assess student learning and report participation and results in school accountability systems. Students in Oregon are assessed periodically to measure proficiency in state and district standards, including completing statewide assessments in certain grades. State test results provide important information for students, parents, teachers, schools and districts.

Can students opt-out of state testing?

Yes. Under Oregon law, a parent or adult student may opt out of Oregon’s summative statewide assessments of math and language arts for any reason, by annually submitting a form. 2021–22 state testing notice and opt-out form (English / Español). For students who opt out of a particular assessment, their test score will default to a “Non-Proficient” rating. This could affect our proficiency ratings in subject areas across the grades as it is used as a performance indicator in our annual state Report Card. Further, our participation rate is evaluated by the 4J School District and is part of our compliance requirements. If we do not meet 4J’s participation expectations, our evaluation could be negatively impacted. Parents may submit an opt-out form at any time. Preferably the forms are submitted 30 days prior to the administration of the tests. If you have any questions please send an email to

For the science assessment, there is no opt-out form. Requests for exemption must

  • Be submitted in writing to

  • Include the reasons for request (disability or religion)

  • Propose an alternative learning activity for the student

Exemption requests are subject to review and determination whether to approve.


Announcement from the Health and Safety Committee

As a school, we want to ensure the safety and wellness of our students and staff. We prioritize equity in making decisions. We place a high value on creating the conditions where students may attend in-person learning with as few disruptions to the rhythm of their day as possible. We are dedicated to allowing our students to play, learn, and enjoy being with their peers. We are taking measured steps to resume the activities that make The Village School unique, such as festivals, field trips and parent meetings. Together we will gradually reconnect those interpersonal relationships and reestablish those in-person meetings and school wide celebrations.

Updated Village School Protocols:

Please keep in mind that while the State lifted the mask mandate as of March 12, 2022, schools are still allowed to make their own local decisions on health and safety matters. At times our decisions may be more conservative than what is mandated by state or county authorities, but our mitigation policies can never be less restrictive.

  1. Face masks became optional starting March 19th for all Village School classes and activities as long as CDC COVID-19 Community Level for Lane County is in the low or moderate risk levels. As of today , Lane County is in the low risk zone. If the county moves into the high risk category, we will set a timeline to reinstate the indoor mask mandate. (Click here for more explanation about this change). *Please note: Anyone (regardless of vaccination status) who has been infected or exposed must wear a well-fitting mask around others, including outdoors, during the 10 days after initial exposure, positive test, or symptom onset.

  2. Children are allowed to play, learn, and socialize without distancing restrictions, both indoors and outdoors, except in cases of very close contact. (For example, a knot of children climbing together, creating a huddle and other close contacts of multiple children). We will continue 3 foot minimum spacing of classroom desks.

  3. There will be no changes to snack and lunch protocol. Students will eat snack outdoors and should remain stationary and 6’ apart while eating. Lunch seating arrangements will stay the same. Kindergarten will continue eating outdoors with 4-6’ of distance between students.

  4. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and more

The Health and Safety Committee meets next in early April to review the latest guidance, scientific data, and input from families.


Open right now: Recess supervisor

(11:40 to 2:00 daily)

Duties: Work in teams of 2-3 staff supervising students on the playground during mid-day recess. Qualifications: Ability to communicate effectively with student volunteers, co-workers and school staff. Proven ability to manage and oversee large groups of children Ability to be on feet 100% of time and move quickly over various terrain. Ability to lift and carry 40 lbs. Willingness to get CPR training Background check required Complete Covid vaccination records Starting Wage: $12.75 - $14.21 Hourly, depending on experience.

Download DOC • 33KB

Grades 4/5 Teacher (for 2022-23)

Qualifications: Either Valid Oregon Teaching License or Waldorf Teacher Certificate

Minimum Bachelor’s Degree

Demonstrated ability to interact with children and adults in a positive manner

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Commitment to arts-integrated education and familiarity with Waldorf education

Willingness to get CPR training

Willingness to attend Waldorf education trainings

Ability to lift and carry 40 lbs

Salary Range: $41,653 - $64,011, depending on experience and education. Additional variable compensation included. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, disability, PERS and defined contribution pension, and lunch from our healthy kitchen.

Download DOC • 90KB


Village School Kitchen

Big thanks to all the students and other supporters for helping to put together the Bograch Bags this week and for donating to our World Central Kitchen Fundraiser. We surpassed our goal of $2,500 in just 4 days! The on-line fundraiser will be open for a few more days for anyone that hasn't gotten a chance to contribute and still wants to. You can find the link to the fundraiser on either the Village Vine, our school community facebook page, or The Village School Kitchen's facebook page. We will post our total amount raised on Monday!

Nicko from sixth grade with the bag he chose, painted by a 3rd grader

We are also very grateful for the partnership with Tread Light. Tread Light is a local business run by Manna, mother to Phoenix in the 3rd grade. They will be running a fundraiser sale this weekend to add to our total contributions for World Central Kitchen. You can check out their sale here: Sandals for Ukraine. It was super sweet to see some photos of families enjoying the Bograch for dinner last night.

Moira from the fifth grade with her bowl of Bograch

Have a fun and relaxing Spring Break. We look forward to seeing the students' shining faces in a few weeks! With love,




April Parent Council Meeting

Please join us and send questions and ideas to

The notes from past meetings can be found here.

Every Village School parent and guardian is a part of Parent Council - The Virtual Parent Council Meetings are open to all parents and guardians on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

You can also engage with Village School families on the Parent Council Facebook page, The Village Vine!

Don't forget to sign in to HelpCounter and report your hours so we can see the amazing contributions from our Village School Families


Monthly LGBTQ+ and Allies Gathering!

Sarah Maxwell and her family are "hosting" a monthly gathering at Tugman park, the first Sunday morning of each month at 10:00 am, at the picnic tables on the Hilyard side of the park. The meetings are open to all LGBTQ families & allies, with the simple mission of just building community.

There is no need to RSVP or commit to bringing anything. Since Village School is continuing to mask outdoors for playtime, our group will be doing the same. Students of all ages and their families are welcome and encouraged to join in! The dates of the gatherings are Sunday, 10:00 am on April 3, May 1, and June 5.


Afterschool Enrichments: Ceramics

Some examples of the work made by students in the ceramics afterschool enrichment


We are pleased to open registration for our After School Programming for April 5th through June 10th. Offerings include: Art, Ceramics, Acting/Improv, and Robotics.

Click here for the program description.

The following is the link to the registration form.

Please email any questions to us at

Rachel Bayer and Cara Bryton

ASEP Coordinators


Counseling Corner

I hope you and your students have a restful and relaxing Spring Break. Below are a few free activities that you can do during the break.

Address: 2725 Martinique Avenue, Eugene, OR 97408

All ages: visit anytime to enjoy a bilingual picture book! The illustrated pages are displayed on a series of signs arranged in order to read along walking paths. From March 22 to April 28, read "A Chair for My Mother by Vera B Williams."

Address:1680 East 15th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403

Phone: 541.346.3024

Time:11:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Searching for people to lead meetings of

The 1619 Project Book Club!

Keep an eye out for the date of the next meeting!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Book Study

The Parent Council is sponsoring a book study of the text The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story created by Nikole Hannah-Jones and the New York Times.

The project which led to the book, sought to reframe the United States history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the U.S. historical narrative.

It has been proposed there will be six group sessions that will be held every two weeks via zoom. The group will read between one and three chapters in preparation for each meeting. Each chapter is an essay so a person may attend all the sessions consecutively or any of the sessions that their schedule will allow. The goal is to make a welcoming environment for all that want to attend all or in part.

When conditions permit the group will consider when to shift to in-person meetings. A limited supply of the book is available for check out at the school office.


LTD Passes Available!

The Village School has worked with 4j and LTD to make touchpasses available to Village School students!

Fill out the form below to sign up and provide permission for your Village School student to have a card. Then come into the office to have a card assigned to your child!

If you have a child that does not attend Village School, please contact their school to see if they have touchpasses available for students. We are only able to provide passes to Village School Students.


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