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Greenpower Grant from EWEB

Our Project:

The Village School is planning to install 27 KW of Solar Panels on the Commons and power storage so that we can reduce our carbon footprint and create emergency power resources when the grid is down. We also plan on having a visible meter that displays any charging that happens in real time. 

We Need your Vote! 

To help pay for this project, EWEB is offering a $50,000 Greenpower Grant which is chosen by a vote of Greenpower subscribers. The Village School is among 6 candidates. Becoming a Greenpower subscriber is easy and can cost as little as $1.50 per month. 

If you subscribe by Tuesday April 18th 2023, EWEB will email you a ballot and you can vote for our proposal. Votes must be submitted by April 20th 2023.

Here's a Copy of our full proposal

How Can You Help?

Click the following Link:

and follow the instructions. The graphic below helps answer any questions.

1) Input name and address

2) Click I would like to: Subscribe

3) Click Greenpower

4) Choose subscriber lever:

   - for minimum cost, choose "Small Block" and "1" block

   - for maximum subscription, choose "100% Greenpower" 

5) Review terms / conditions and submit

6) EWEB will send you a ballot - Vote for the Village School!

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