Help make sure that everyone who would like a Village School shirt gets a shirt, regardless of ability to pay. This option allows you to buy a shirt for yourself and give one to another person at school.


Support the Village school with this Support the Village school with this 100% heavy cotton shirt for kids!


We will do our best to get the color shirt that you chose. Threadbare Printing is unable to guarantee stock in all sizes in every color due to supply chain challenges. If you have ordering questions or would like a shirt and the cost is a factor, please contact Shannon Boyd, We would like everyone who wants a shirt to get a shirt.

BOGO - Buy One, Give One - Village School T-Shirt - Youth

  • These items are all offered as presale. You may order items until 5/31. On that day we will submit our order and shirts/sweatshirts should be ready to pick up the last week of school. If there are manufacturing delays you will be notified.
    Thank you for supporting our school. Funds from these items go into the Parent Council account to support activities for the kids at school.