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Village Voice - Volume 23, Issue 32

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, May 6th - Wednesday, May 8th, 5th Grade Outdoor School

  • Monday, May 6th - Thursday, May 9th, Staff Appreciation Week

  • Wednesday, May 8th, 8th Grade Mentorship Night

  • Thursday, May 9th, 5:30pm, 6th Grade Parent Meeting

  • Thursday, May 9th, 6:30pm, 2nd Grade Play

  • Friday, May 10th, No School, Staff Professional Development Day

  • 2023-2024 Calendar is available here!


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Administrator's Message

We truly appreciate everyone who has helped make our school as wonderful as it is. Volunteers do so much for our school in so many ways, and May Day and the Greek Games were no exception. We had an amazing crew help with each event from set up to take down. Please be sure to check out the photos from these events.

When it comes to appreciations, there's always someone who has helped us get where we are. Our teachers and staff communicate this to our students in many ways. Gratitude is not only a virtue, but putting gratitude into action is one of the greatest elixirs of good health. So, this week we shift our focus from volunteers, and recognize and appreciate our dedicated, energetic, inspired and awesome staff members.

For Staff Appreciation Week, we hope you can find a moment to engage your child(ren) in some of the activities that will help staff feel your appreciation and support. These include:

Staff Appreciation Week Activities

Monday: Write a letter, card or poem for a staff member

Tuesday: Bring in a flower or piece of nature for a staff member

Wednesday: Create a drawing for a staff member

Thursday: Wear your teacher's favorite color, team, animal or other theme your teacher loves!

Friday: No School (Parent Council will host a lunch for all staff for their Friday meeting)

And please help make Tuesday's staff brunch successful by reading all emails from your class coordinator!

Thank you for being part of our school community!


Roz, Shannon and Andy


Parent Council Event-Ophelia's Place Presentation

Come check out this wonderful Parent Council event!

On Wednesday, 5/15 from 6:00 - 8:00pm, Ophelia's Place will be presenting on how parents can support healthy friendships . This will take place in the Village School Commons, and is sure to be a wonderful talk. We hope to see you there!



Please reach out to with any questions about volunteering! We ask families to contribute 40 hours of volunteer hours per year, and single parent households to contribute 20 hours. If you would like to know how many volunteer hours you have accumulated this year, please let Chrissy know. We appreciate all of your generous contributions of time and energy to make Village School what it is!

There are a few events coming up, as well as classroom and kitchen opportunities that can help to meet these hours.

  • Volunteer to take children to ASEP classes on Wednesdays

Another way to contribute to our school community is by attending Parent Council Meetings! We will be holding our next meeting on Tuesday, May 14th at 6pm in the Village School Library. If you would like to attend virtually, here is the Zoom link 

*Please make sure to sign in, grab a volunteer badge, and sign out at the office when you volunteer


Greek Games

On the stormiest of Saturdays, Ms Merrily, Mr. Logan, the 5th graders, and parent chaperones, plus those who came to cheer on the athletes, braved the torrential rain for a full day of Greek Games at the Corvallis Waldorf School. They came together with kids from other schools that they had met for the first time, displayed fantastic sportsmanship, and departed in good spirits.


May Day

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who contributed stunning flowers, wove ivy crowns, created the beautiful Maypole topper, ran flower crown and face painting tables (thank you to our 7th & 8th grade face painting volunteers!) with an abundance of smiles, and helped with set up, clean up and Maypole removal even in the pouring rain! Thank you to Sequoia Kantara, who played beautiful transition music throughout the event. You are all rockstar volunteers and we could not have pulled off this celebration without you!

Thank you to the teachers and students, who poured their hearts (and musical talents) into making this a May Day celebration to remember!


Volunteers Needed for After School Enrichment Classes

Currently the After School Enrichment Program needs someone to pick up students and deliver them to their enrichment classes after school.  They still need a volunteer for Wednesdays. The time would be from 2:45 - 3:15pm, and would and run through May 30. Please let Chrissy know if this is something that interests you.

Thank you!


OSAS Testing

OSAS Testing has begun. Parents may submit an opt-out form at any time. Please see here for more information. Preferably the forms are submitted 30 days prior to the administration of the tests. If you have any questions please send an email to


Outdoor School

The 5th Graders are on their way to Outdoor School at a beautiful, forested campsite in Veneta for 2 nights!


Kitchen News

Meet Alice Rose and Kara, two of our 8th grade students who have been with the school since Kindergarten. Alice and Klara are familiar faces in the VSK where they like to volunteer on a regular basis. Alice appreciates our food service program because it is "healthy and good." Klara likes that we make "organic, healthy meals they taste like home-made."

Alice's favorite lunch entree is Stromboli and Klara likes the seasonal Greek Pasta Salad we do when school starts up in September every year.

When Klara comes to the kitchen she enjoys cutting produce like oranges and apples.

Alice likes putting stuff away such as unstacking the dry lunch trays. They both have fun creating the menu board.

Welcome new volunteer Debbie! Debbie is the grandmother of 6th grade student Max. She will be helping with lunch prep on Thursday mornings. She is a great addition to our fabulous volunteer team.

Toña Aguilar


Guitar Donations Needed

The music program wants your old unused guitars for the middle school music classes.  If you have a guitar sitting around gathering dust, we would happily accept your donation. We can make repairs. The middle school music students will appreciate your gift.


Parent Council

The next Parent Council Meeting will be on Tuesday, May 14th at 6:00pm! We will be meeting in the Village School Library. For those who would like to join us from home, here is the Zoom link 

Please join us and send questions and ideas to

The notes from past meetings can be found here (updated).

Every Village School parent and guardian is a part of Parent Council - Parent Council Meetings are open to all parents and guardians on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

You can also engage with Village School families on the Parent Council Facebook page, The Village Vine!

Here are the recordings of prior Ophelia's Place Presentations:

Thank you so much to Shannon Boyd for her work on this getting these presentations together for us!

There is a Village School Parent Facebook page called the Village Vine. 

Lots of info is shared there about community events, as well as reminders on school events.

Please take a look!


Upcoming Facilities Work

Security Fencing

The Village School Foundation is seeking bids to upgrade the fencing along 35th Avenue and to install new security gates. If you know anyone interested in this kind of work, please share the following link with them:

Solar Power The Village School Foundation seeks to install 27KW of solar power and 20KWH of power storage. This project coincides with the recent completion of a power upgrade.


The Village School Foundation is releasing an invitation to bid on upgrading HVAC systems for its 3411 Willamette St Site. Separate bids are requested for (2) projects:

  1. Heat Pump Installation

  2. Heat Recovery Ventilators and Ventilation Installation


Help Wanted

Grades 1-3 Main Lesson Teacher (teaches 1st grade 2024-25)

Job Description   Application

Grades 1-8 Spanish Teacher

Job Description   Application

Grades 1-3 Title I Reading Tutor

Job Description   Application

Grades 6-8 Math Tutor 

Job Description   Application

Substitute Teacher & Substitute Educational Assistant

Duties: Serve as substitute teacher or substitute classroom assistant.

Download DOC • 32KB


Community Bulletin Board

Hult Center News

Arts Access is a ticket subsidy program at the Hult Center that provides free or subsidized tickets to community members lacking adequate access to the performing arts.

What is Arts for All?

Arts for All is a program that supports community members currently using an EBT or Oregon Trail Card. A patron can show their Oregon Trail Card/EBT and can purchase two (2) $5 tickets to many of the Hult Center’s best music, theatre and dance groups. Participation varies by event and will be clearly labeled on our website.  

How does it work? 

Arts For All offers $5 tickets to select Hult Presents shows. Participating shows will have information on the website. Patrons must purchase tickets in person to present their Oregon Trail Card and can then set up an account so it is noted they have purchased their allotted 2 tickets. Tickets will be on a first come, first served basis. Please note, Arts For All cannot be applied to past purchases.

Below are the events we can currently provide these tickets for:

If you have any questions, please contact the Hult Center Ticket Office at 541-682-5000 or



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