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Electrical Service Upgrade

Issuance Date: June 29th 2023

Proposal Due Date &Time: Friday August 18th (

The Village School Foundation needs to upgrade its electrical service to support expanded heat pump installation and solar power. The main panel is rated for 1,200 amps - this is more than enough for the current load + the HVAC upgrade + more improvements.

Section 1: Direction from EWEB for outdoor aspect of job

  1. Primary pole dip substructure from 10’ up the new pole down to the SE-1 sectioning box.

  2. Installation of the SE-1 sectioning box next to the street (5 feet north of pole).

  3. Primary underground conduit between the SE-1 sectioning box and a transformer vault.

  4. Installation of the transformer vault.

  5. Secondary underground conduit and conductor (wire) between the transformer vault and the meter bases.

  6. New meter bases on the wall of the school.

Take care to not follow the “geometry” of the drawing; part of it is exaggerated for clarity. The SE-1 box will be about 5 feet north of the pole and the conduit leading from it to the transformer box should be nearly 90 degrees. The length dimensions next to the conduit and conductors are close to the desired lengths. Click the link below for EWEB Standards:

Prelim list of EWEB Standards
Download PDF • 2.01MB

The colors on the drawing are specific for the task; EWEB is removing anything in brown and installing items in green or yellow. As the customer you would be responsible for anything in magenta.

For questions contact

Josh Simmons

Distribution Engineering Tech II

Eugene Water & Electric Board

4200 Roosevelt Blvd. | Eugene, OR 97402


Section 2: From the meter bases to the main panel

Twin conduits along the north side of the building (below 6th grade) above the door to the computer lab and along 25’ of ceiling and drop ceiling to the main panel in the boiler room.

View of electrical service access looking north (click to enlarge)

View of electrical service access looking south (click to enlarge)

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