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Courtyard Renovation

Updated: May 17, 2023

INVITATION TO BID #: OregonBuys #S-X20057-00006464

Issuance Date: April 12th 2023

Voluntary Pre-proposal Conference: on Wednesday April 19 at 3:15pm in Courtyard. Please let us know if you cannot attend.

Amended Proposal Due Date &Time: Friday May 19th, 6PM (mailed or email bids OK:

The Village School seeks a contractor to renovate it's courtyard. This includes curved concrete seating tiers, stair ways, an ADA access into our upstairs middle school, lifting the breezeway over the ADA access ramp, adding windows adjacent to this access, landscaping, and storm water plumbing.

Please see the design and specifications - these have been updated as of May 4th.

South West Corner

Courtyard View Looking South

Courtyard View looking East

Would you like to receive addenda and announcements for this procurement?

Please email and share your contact info.

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